λατρεία μεγάλη.
Can you hear us the Blizzard? Can you hear us? If you hear us, fuck you. You thought you were going to get us, eh? You thought we had seen anything? Surprise asshole! Can you hear us Shame? Can you hear us? If you hear us be careful when you come home alone at night. We might want to rebuild your jaw with metal objects, or wash your head with lead. What do you think? Can you hear us Sadness? Can you hear us? If you hear us is that you also going to soon be your bag, take the first left, second right and then left again and then fuck your race. Can you hear us Death? Can you hear us? If you hear us, know that you do not scare us, you can get whatever you want. We advance anyway, you can not stop us. And we leave anyone behind. We allow anyone to be aligned, it’s all over. Can you hear us Dignity? Can you hear us? If you hear us, know that we have a knee on the ground, and we’re sorry. We are sorry for everything we did to you but we will change. We will become good people you see, and one day you will be proud of us. Can you hear us Love? Can you hear us? If you hear us, you have to come back because we are ready now, this is it. We kidding, it’s true, but since we knew. And then we have open palms with our heart in, You have to take it. Can you hear us the Universe? Can you hear us? If you hear us, expect us. We arrive. We would like to: understand everything, know everything, see everything, experience everything. Can you hear us, you who wait? Can you hear us? If you hear us, remember that you’re not alone, ever. We are so many to be a little wobbly, a little weird.


if you have the courage, read til the end, this is one of the most beautiful lyrics of songs that I know

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Fauve - Blizzard (Version Courte)







Now THAT is a quality photo. That is something actually worth reblogging. Beautiful.
This seriously needs more notes.

This Confused Me For Like 5 Seconds..
*Breast Cancer Awareness* 


She is so beautiful and so brave! I wish I had made this photograph.

For My Grandma. A Strong Woman Who Lost The Battle.

Que Bella

like i said, you can find beauty in everything and everyone

She’s actually really pretty. Idgaf if this isn’t my blog type, this is worth rebloging.
Forever reblog
This is beautiful. Reblogging for my bestfriends mum. R.I.P <3 

how beautiful. 

Donnie Darko (2001)

Age of Adolescence by Joseph Sterling
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Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - The Smiths

i will never relate to a song more than this ever in my life.

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Jello Biafra (1979)

"While I agree with your point, Josephine, capitalism is an unjust ideal and it won’t work anymore"